About Atrium MB

We live in a dynamic world, increasingly less predictable, with economic, political, legislative, and cultural changes that greatly affect our lives.

What do you do after years of hard work when you have built a personal wealth that should grant you the right to live peacefully and comfortably?

the first temptation

Your first temptation is to manage everything you have by yourself. But…

  • are you fully qualified to do so?
  • do you have all the data you need?
  • can you objectively evaluate your decisions and decide to correct course?
  • do you have the time, energy, and patience to manage your entire wealth without sacrificing the precious time you would like to dedicate to your personal life?
the second temptation

Your second temptation is to reach out to your preferred bank and talk about the challenges you are facing with an employee. But are you really willing to do this? No matter how honest or competent, your counterpart represents the employer’s interests, not yours. The solutions they will offer are not those you want or need, but those that need to be pushed based on some marketing plan.

the way

The third way is the way to go. We provide this alternative solution as pioneers on the Romanian market by adapting to the local context international best practices that have been proven to work for centuries:

  • building long-term personal relationships based on trust, taking on a clear mandate leading to an effective and profitable management of your wealth and asset portfolio;
  • creating fully custom solutions to fit personal and family needs;
  • enabling the deployment of the best products and methods offered by global and local institutions to ensure the highest level of Client satisfaction.

Indeed, our solutions are unique and carefully crafted to fit your needs. We are independent professionals and only represent your interests. We do not promote products, we do not have special preferences for who to work with, we are not intermediaries.

Our strength is based on our respect for your family, fortune, and future. We believe in common victories. By protecting your wealth, we create the path to your better, safer, and quieter life. This is our mission and this is our sacred commitment to you.

Marinel Burduja

President, ATRIUM MB

Our Values

Family. Fortune. Future.

The ATRIUM MB Method

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