“We have the capacity, experience, and contacts to offer you solutions to the complex challenges of the present for a safer, prosperous future”
Marinel Burduja
President, Atrium MB Advisors

The Atrium MB Method

1. Diagnostic

This is a complex initial interview with the Client to identify objectives, needs, risk profile, level of trust, and mutual fit. This includes an in-depth conversation with the President of Atrium MB. No obligations, only opportunities.

2. Portfolio assessment

This is done upon Client’s request and it is a required, essential step in assessing current needs and future opportunities.

3. Solutions

This includes the design of a full package of recommendations and solutions for each set dimension and asset type. Short, medium, and long-term horizons.

4. Modus operandi

This phase defines Atrium MB’s mandate, sets mutual expectations, establishes performance criteria, and clear protocols for communications, reporting, and control. Implementation of the agreed plan follows.


1. Risk diversification, multi-dimensional wealth planning.

2. Critical data, assessments, studies, and forecasts.

3. Partnerships with top international and local experts.

4. Direct access to financial, legal, and other specialty institutions in Romania, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the United States, Singapore, Dubai, etc.

MB’s Top 12 Pieces of Life Advice

  1. Give your wealth meaning to benefit yourself and your loved ones.
  2. Be careful with concentrating risk. Diversify.
  3. Finance unforeseen expenditures from revenues.
  4. Build your wealth cautiously through safe, carefully thought-out investments for the long term.
  5. Plan in advance the transfer of your wealth.
  6. Pay attention to both tangible (land, bonds, cash, etc.) and intangible assets (patents, trademarks, etc.).
  7. Rely on trusted advisors to protect your future. It is an essential and highly complex, multidisciplinary field. Do not make mistakes by thinking you know it all.
  8. Protect your family’s fortune by protecting the future of the next generations. Help plan their education and support their professional path.
  9. Deploy a range of insurance products that fit your needs.
  10. Be kind. Donate, sponsor, finance dreams.
  11. Fiscal optimization is never and nowhere a crime.
  12. Abide always by all laws.


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